Ontario’s Government for the People to Help More Students in Mississauga

Published on February 14, 2019

Ministry of Education to invest in Glenforest Secondary School with funding for creating 237 more spaces for students.


February 14th, 2019


MISSISSAUGA – Ontario’s government for the people is investing in education by bringing funding and approval for renovation and addition for students in Mississauga. Many schools, like Glenforest Secondary School have not been receiving the maintenance and expansions’ they deserve to help students excel, until now.


In an announcement letter, Minister of Education the Hon. Lisa Thompson informed the Office of Member of Provincial Parliament, Kaleed Rasheed on the status of Glenforest Secondary School in Mississauga East-Cooksville. That the Ministry will be providing the Peel District School Board with an approval to proceed to tender for renovation and a new addition at Glenforest Secondary School. Once the project is completed, the renovation will create space for an additional 237 students.


“Education is vital. There is a need to maintain our schools for the success of all students. I was extremely happy to hear that a school that is so close to home for me, is getting the renovation it needs for its students.” said Kaleed Rasheed, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Mississauga East-Cooksville. “There has been a perception that our government is all about cuts, but that is simply untrue, this addition and renovation are a sign that we care about students and their future.”


Glenforest Secondary School has been a staple in Mississauga East-Cooksville since 1969, and has been in dire need for an addition and renovation for its students. The school is renowned for its International Baccalaureate (IB) program.


“Students of Glenforest Secondary School need this addition to help them excel. This initiative will help 237 more students be apart of this great school and would give many more the opportunity to be apart of the IB program offered there,” said Kaleed Rasheed, MPP.


Rest assured, this is not an announcement on cuts, but rather investments for our future.



  • Glenforest Secondary School is a public secondary school that was established in 1969, and is located in the riding of Mississauga East-Cooksville.
  • Glenforest Secondary School is recognized for its International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The program has been running in the school since November 2004.
  • The IB program runs from grades 9-12 with a range of subjects. The program is sub-divided into two stages: MYP (Middle Years Programme) and IB. MYP is the initialization and preparation for the students entering the official IB program in grade 11.






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