Getting The People of Mississauga Where They Want and Out of Gridlock.

Ontario Introduces Transparency Measures to Reveal True Cost of Carbon Tax on Home Heating and Gas

Ontario Stands Up For Patients by Opposing Costly Federal Carbon Tax on Hospitals

Christchurch Mosque Terror Attacks

Ontario’s Government for the People to Break Down Barriers to Better Patient Care

Ontario to Restore Respect for Police Officers in Mississauga East-Cooksville and Across the Province

Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act would fix broken Bill 175, restore fairness and...

Ontario’s Government for the People to Help More Students in Mississauga

Ministry of Education to invest in Glenforest Secondary School with funding for creating...

Ontario Takes Decisive Action to Help More Families with Autism


Our Government is Working to Cut Gridlock to get Ontarians Moving

Our government is working to cut gridlock to get Ontarians moving. Uploading the subway system to the province would eliminate...

Ontario Hunters Will Get to Keep More Money in Their Pockets While Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Ontario hunters will get to keep more money in their pockets while enjoying the great outdoors this year. The licence...

In 2019 We're Making Every Effort to Cancel PM Trudeau's Carbon Tax

It’s 2019 and one thing our government knows for sure is that this year will be more expensive for Ontario...