Ontario Investing in Seniors Health and Well-Being in Mississauga East - Cooksville

Helping Seniors Stay Active and Socially Connected Across the Province.


We are working hard to build a foundation for long-term prosperity for people here in Peel and all across the province.


Earlier this year, our...

Ontario Launches Building Smarter Government Initiative

Transformational plan will change the culture of government, focus on outcomes and improve customer experience.

Ontario is embarking on a...

Ontario Supporting Mental Health Initiatives in Peel

Province Recognizing World Mental Health Day

Mississauga – Suicide continues to be a serious...

Ontario Repairing Roads and Bridges to Get People Moving

Applications for Province’s Connecting Links Program Now Open

MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government is putting people first by helping municipalities...

Ontario Closer to Creating 15000 New Long-Term Care Beds

Province Opens Call for Applications to Build and Redevelop Long-Term Care Beds

Ontario is now accepting applications from current...

Education that Works for the People

It’s that time of year again, students will be going back to school for another...

I Know, We Know, the Premier Knows!

2019 Ontario Budget: A Plan to Protect What Matters Most

Getting The People of Mississauga Where They Want and Out of Gridlock.

Ontario Introduces Transparency Measures to Reveal True Cost of Carbon Tax on Home Heating and Gas