I Know, We Know, the Premier Knows!

Published on July 12, 2019

Friends, our government “For the People” has now officially inked 1 year in power. It has been a very challenging year cleaning up the mess left by the previous government and fixing the big files that matter most to Ontarians, from the elimination of hallway healthcare all the way to containing our greatest expense, the deficit and debt. For many of my colleagues who sacrifice for the betterment of society every day, we are collectively applying sound principles and best practices in order to meet the needs of Ontarians.
I am a firm believer in the silent majority who appreciate that we can no longer sustain a province in which expenses exceed revenue year after year. That is not how we run our households, so why should managing the finances of the province be any different?
And after a year we continue towards the vision for how the province should move forward. Premier Ford has re-energized the caucus and firmly pressed the reset button; simply put, we are realigning our efforts to ensure that we further refine our focus. Now, with a revamped cabinet, our brightest minds continue to play an efficient role through the exuberant team of Ministers and Associate Ministers; leading the charge with their respective portfolios.
Ontarians will see a different swagger when their MPPs return to Queens Park in the Fall. Our team will be much more dynamic and responsive. Ontarians know the policies that we championed during the 2018 elections, but what they also expect is a government that will continue to listen and work tirelessly to restore this province to the heyday that it enjoyed in past decades. Let me assure all of you that I Get It; We Get It; and most importantly the Premier gets it!
So stay tuned because Fall will be showtime for me and my colleagues.